More than a stir plate, the Wiggler is a programmable eight position stirrer compatible with the impellar-free LeviTube. Each of the magnetic drive positions can be programmed for continuous or intermittent stirring and the small footprint frees up valuable incubator space. The Wiggler’s two-way action, and namesake, gently mixes the LeviTube contents while avoiding unidirectional shear. Even better, the LeviTube’s simple two piece design makes for an affordable disposable bioreactor.

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+ How do I connect the bioWiggler™ to my computer?

The bioWiggler™ connects to your computer through a standard USB cable.

+ Is the software Mac OSX compatible?

At this moment the bioWiggler™ software is not compatible with Mac OSX.

+ How many bioWigglers™ wil fit in my incubator?

Due to the efficient design of the bioWiggler™, you can comfortablly fit up to four bioWiggler™ units in a standard 6.5 cu ft. incubator.

+ How do I clean my bioWiggler™?

Each bioWiggler™ can be disinfected and wiped down with standard laboratory-grade disinfectants.


The Wiggler™ - Loading Cells on PolyGEM™ or GEM™ Microcarriers.


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